Maintenance Waste Ink Tank For Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600 4000 4400 4450 4800 4880 7400 7450 7800 7880 Printer

  • Price: $5.16-$5.61
  • Brand Name: Ocbestjet
  • Type: Other, Maintenance Ink Tank, Waste Ink Tank
  • Model Number: MC-G04
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Suitable Printer: Compatible with Canon G3836 G3833 G3832 G3831 G1430 G2470 G3572 G4570 G1737 G3872 G3871
  • Feature: Brand New
  • Warranty: 1:1 Replace Defective Maintenance Ink Tank, Waste Ink Tank
  • Supporting use of relevant consumables: Compatible With Canon GI-X1 High imitation original ink
  • Quality: Excellent 100% Tested
  • QC: 100% pre-tested well before shipping
  • After-sale: If there Is Any Problem, We Support Exchange Or Refund
  • Shipping: DHL Fedex, If You Want Other Channels, You Can Consult Us
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    Brand Ocbestjet
    Producst Name Maintenance Waste Ink Tank For Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600 4000 4400 4450 4800 4880 7400 7450 7800 7880 Printer
    Printer Number For Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600 4000 4400 4450 4800 4880 7400 7450 7800 7880 Printer
    Applicable Industries Printing Shops
    Marketing Type New Product 
    Type Maintenance Ink Tank, Waste Ink Tank
    Feature Brand New
    After Warranty Service Online support
    Chip Type One Time Chip
    Suitable Printer For Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600 4000 4400 4450 4800 4880 7400 7450 7800 7880 Printer
    After-sale Technical Support, If there Is Any Problem, We Support Exchange Or Refund
    Supporting use of relevant consumables Compatible With High imitation original ink
    Quality Excellent 100% Tested
    QC 100% pre-tested well before shipping
    Shipping Way DHL Fedex, If You Want Other Channels, You Can Consult Us



    1. Efficient Maintenance Cartridge is designed to efficiently collect excess ink produced during routine printer maintenance tasks. By capturing and storing excess ink, ink cartridges help prevent clogs and promote smooth and consistent printing.
    2. Extend the life of the printerRegular use of the Maintenance Cartridge will help extend the life of your Canon printer. By ensuring that the internal components of the printer remain clean and free of ink buildup, the ink cartridges minimize the risk of mechanical problems and increase the overall performance and durability of the printer.
    3. Easy to install Maintenance Cartridge adopts humanized design, which can be installed and replaced easily. Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided by to ensure easy cartridge replacement. 
    4. Cost-effective solutionInvesting in an maintenance cartridge is a cost-effective option for printer maintenance. By using this ink cartridge, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements due to ink-related problems. It allows you to maintain peak printer performance without breaking the bank.
    5. Genuine Canon qualityAs a genuine product, the Maintenance Ink Cartridge guarantees superior performance and compatibility with Canon inkjet printers. You can trust Canon to deliver reliable products that meet the highest quality standards.
    6. Environmental protection The  Maintenance Cartridge is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. Canon ensures that used ink cartridges have recycling options, reducing their environmental impact and promoting responsible consumption. 
    In conclusion, the Maintenance Ink Cartridge is a must-have accessory for Canon inkjet printer users. Its efficient maintenance capabilities, reliability and cost-effectiveness make it the perfect solution for extending the life of your printer. Easy to install and genuine quality, this maintenance cartridge ensures peak printer performance, allowing you to consistently produce high-quality prints. Buy the OCBintenance Cartridge today and experience hassle-free printer maintenance.

    7800 (4) 7800 (3) 7800 (1)_副本 7800 (1) 7800 (2)


    1. The monthly output is 1.1 million yuan, with obvious advantages in industry cost&delivery time. (Contact us for the latest information)

    2. Strict quality control, 0.2% defective rate, (superior to industry performance)&1:1 replacement or refund, a truly powerful quality assurance.

    With a strong R&D team of more than 60 people, it helps to enter the new product market as soon as possible and gain industrial profits.

    4. Cooperating with DHL/Strength Shipping Forwarding for more than 10 years, we can provide competitive transportation solutions in the industry. (Contact us for the latest information)

    5. 3000+products, a complete product series, meet your marketing needs while reducing the cost of purchasing labor.

    6. We sell in more than 150 countries and serve more than 5000 customers worldwide.

    7. We have about 145 domestic and foreign patents.

    8. CE, RoHS, Reach... industry certification, flexible capital solutions, etc., we have everything you need.

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    Company Profile

    Ocbestjet Digital Technology Co., Ltd. mainly focus on DTF inks products, and also focus on toner cartridges, inks, ink cartridges, CISS, chips and decoders,They are 100% compatible with EPSON,CANON,HP,LEXMARK,BROTHER,XEROX,DELL printers etc. Besides, we also provide comprehensive OEM service in domestic and foreign markets, which enables us to be the strongest backup of our customers. Our customers enjoy genuine partnership in the pre-sales, sales and the post-sales services.We are looking forward to working with you.

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