Light & Dark Spray DTG Ink Pretreatment Liquid Solution For Textile Pigment Ink Coating For DTG Printer Before Printing Fluid

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  • Brand Name: Ocinkjet
  • Product Name : Ocinkjet 1000ML Universal Textile Ink DTG Ink For Panasonic Printhead/Water Based Silk Screen Fabric Pigment Textile Block Printing Inks For Textile Printing
  • Ink Type: Textile Ink, Textile Pigment Ink, Digital InkThe ink can print picture onto the cotton cloth directly, colorful print-out showing
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    What Exactly is DTG Pretreatment?


    Pretreament is a liquid solution used by Direct-to-Garment printers to allow the printing and washability of white ink, or full color images on a variety of colored shirts, most commonly black shirts.

    Pretreatment is the cornerstone of direct to garment printing. It is the foundation of your garment. A proper application of pretreatment will help yield better results for any ink direct to garment printer.

    What Types of Materials can be pretreated?

    There are many profitable items can sublimate:

    Cotton Fabric,Polyester Fabic,Fleece,Shopping Bag,Pillow,T-shirt,Canva,Caps...

    What are the Advantages of DTG Pretreatment?

    - Speed - Pretreatment liquid dries out very quickly,save time.

    - Super Adhesion - Enhances adhesion between ink and print surface,make the ink adhere to the printing surface better.

    - Protection - The pretreatment helps resist abrasions, scratches, rubbing and ink smudging.

    - Performance - Pretreatment liquid offers a beautiful glossy sheen,the coating also smooth to the touch, it offers a pleasant tactile experience.

    Product Instruction

    Product Name : Pretreatment Liquid Solution

    Item Name : Pre-Coating for DTG Ink

    Model : For Direct to Garment Printer

    Ink Type : Coating Fluid

    Color : Milk-White

    Smell : No odor,harmless to human body

    Bottle Volume : 100ml / 250ml / 500ml / 1000ml

    Shelf Life : 24 Months

    Suitable For: Dark & Light Garment

    Suitable Material : For Cotton Fabric,Polyester Fabic

    Feature : Harmless,Super Adhesion,Beautiful Glossy

    Note : This product can not be diluted, please use directly

    DTG Pretreatment - 100ML


    The design of spray bottle is convenient to press, and it is not easy to block the nozzle,the pretreatment can be sprayed evenly onto the fabric.


    DTG Pretreatment - 250ML

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    Bottle with safety buckle design is convenient to press, prevent liquid leakage,and it is not easy to block the nozzle.


    DTG Pretreatment - 500ML

    One bottle of pretreatment liquid will send one empty spray bottle for free.


    DTG Pretreatment - 1000ML

    One bottle of pretreatment liquid will send one empty spray bottle for free.


    Empty Spray Bottle


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    You can refill the pretreatment liquid to the bottle by yourself.


    How to Choose the Pretreatment Liquid?

    Light garment pretreatment is used mainly on white t-shirts or white material.


    If any white ink is needed dark pretreatment must be used. The factor is not the color of the shirt but the colors in the graphic you are printing.


    Without pretreatment white ink would absorb into the fabric, imagen pouring milk onto a t-shirt and that would be similar.


    It's very common for new DTG users to be confused about whether to use light pretreatment or dark pretreatment.

    -With a light pink shirt you would us light pretreatment right?

    -In most cases no – but it does also depend on the color of the image you are printing.

    There is a very simple rule to remember:

    If you are printing any white ink you have to use dark pretreatment no matter the color of the shirt.

    How to Use the Pretreatment Liquid?


    Applicable Material

    Digtial textile printing for cotton,canvas,blended fabrics.

    Personaliezed applications:T-shirt,hang tag,hang bag,silk,wool,cashmere,nylon,scarves,bed sheet,curtains,household products etc.


    Real Printed Effect


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