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  • Price: $33.85 - 30.77
  • Brand Name: Ocinkjet
  • Product Name : Ocinkjet 1000ML Universal Textile Ink DTG Ink For Panasonic Printhead/Water Based Silk Screen Fabric Pigment Textile Block Printing Inks For Textile Printing
  • Ink Type: Textile Ink, Textile Pigment Ink, Digital InkThe ink can print picture onto the cotton cloth directly, colorful print-out showing
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    Cleaning Solution For Direct to Garment Printer Ink


    Ocbestjet's DTG Cleaning Solution is a preventative maintenance solution for cleaning your DTG inkjet system. Keep your DTG printer healthy and productive,the cleaning solution is pushed through the printhead nozzles in order to break up and flush out any ink particles or residue that may be interfering with the printer's function.

    Product Instruction

    Product Name: DTG Cleaning Solution

    Item Name: Cleaning For Direct to Garment Ink

    Applicable Ink Type: DTG Ink,Textile Pigment Ink

    Suitable Printhead: For DTG Printhead

    Colors: Colourless,Transparent

    Capacity: 100ml / 250ml / 500ml / 1000ml

    Shelf Life: 24 Months

    Use For: Printhead,ink tube,capping station

    Note: This product is to clean and flush DTG print heads

    Feature: Fast cleaning,No odors,Good for printhead

    Compatible Printers

    For Epson 1390 1400 1410 1430

    For Epson L800 L805 L1800 R290 R330

    For Epson P400 P408 P600 P640

    For Epson P800 P807 P808

    For Epson R1800 R1900 R2000 R2880

    For Epson R2400 R3000 R3880

    For Epson F2000 F2100 F2200 XP15000

    For Epson 4000 7400 7450 7600 9400 9450 9600

    For Epson 4800 4880 4900 7800 7880 9800 9880

    For Epson DX2 DX4 DX5 DX6 DX7 DX10 Printhead

    For Epson TX800 5113 4720 I3200 Printhead

    For Epson Based DTG Printer

    100ml Cleaning Solution + Cleaning Kit


    250ml Cleaning Solution + Cleaning Kit


    500ml Cleaning Solution + Cleaning Kit


    1000ml Cleaning Solution + Cleaning Kit


    Core Benefits of Cleaning Solution

    - Simple and practical

    - Longer expiration date

    - Environmentally-friendly cleaning solution

    - Protect and moisten nozzle to prevent drying

    - Effectively melts ink particles,prevent blocking nozzle

    - Super cleaning power,effective cleaning of residual ink


    Application Method


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