Textile Ink for Ricoh

  • Price: $33.85 - 30.77
  • Type: Universal Refill Ink, Textile Ink, Textile Pigment Ink, Digital Ink, Garment Ink
  • Brand Name: Ocinkjet
  • Product Name: Ocinkjet Textile Ink for Ricoh
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    1000ml Textile Ink For Ricoh
    *With high light fastness and washing resistance
    * Great printing accuracy
    * High resolution, easy handle
    *Reduced print-head cleaning required

    Type Universal Refill Ink, Textile Ink, Textile Pigment Ink, Digital Ink, Garment Ink
    Brand Name Ocinkjet
    Product Name Ocinkjet Textile Ink for Ricoh
    Feature Moisture Proof, Water Soluble
    Packing Customized Packaging
    Place of Origin China
     Suit Print Head For Ricoh G5 Print Head And Star 1024 Print Head
     Ink Type The Ink Can Print Picture Onto The Cotton Cloth Directly, Colorful Print-out Showing
    Volume 1000ml
    Color BK C M Y R GY- 6Colors
    Quality 100% Testing Before Send Out
    Certificate Yes


    Competitive advantages

    We offer specially formulated water-based high-quality textile inks for DTG printers. Our inks are carefully calibrated and rigorously tested to achieve the highest levels of graphic quality and consistent ink flow performance.Complementing screen printing with DTG makes every order profitable; DTG can handle complex patterns in full color, any quantity, and multiple fabrics, maintaining consistent low costs and ensuring profitability. When you have the ability to take all orders, you can seize every opportunity and produce on demand. There is less waste and every resource, including labor, capital and materials, is making a profit for your printing plant.
    For more information singclean Textile Digital Printing Inks To Print On Fabric For Ricoh,welcome to contact us.


    1. 12+ years manufacturer
    2. Economical and environmentally friendly
    3. High-tech content and efficient technicians
    4. 1:1 Replacement for any defective caused by our factory

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    #Reflect the quality of goods from the side #

    #Choosing our products is wise and smart#

    Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Ocinkjet Printer Consumables Co., Ltd. mainly focus on DTF inks products, and also focus on toner cartridges, inks, ink cartridges, CISS, chips and decoders,They are 100% compatible with EPSON,CANON,HP,LEXMARK,BROTHER,XEROX,DELL printers etc. Besides, we also provide comprehensive OEM service in domestic and foreign markets, which enables us to be the strongest backup of our customers. Our customers enjoy genuine partnership in the pre-sales, sales and the post-sales services.We are looking forward to working with you.

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