T01C1-T01C4 Pigment Ink Bag

  • Price: BK:$21.78-$23.02
  • Price: CMY:$18.26-$19.84
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    Brand Ocbestjet
    Product Name T01C1-T01C4 Pigment Ink Bag
    Suit For Printer For Epson Workforce Pro WF-C529RDTW WF-C579RDTW Printer
    Ink type Pigment Ink 
    Chip Type One Time Use Chip
    Color BK, C ,M,Y
    Volume BK-170ML/PC, C ,M,Y-60ML/PC
    Chip Version Europe


    OEM Model


    Ink Type



    Compatible For






    With Chip

    Workforce Pro WF-C529RDTW WF-C579RDTW Printer












    T01C1 (1)

    Installed With Chip

    The ink cartridge has been installed with the chip,the chip belongs to high quality disposable chip,the quality is very stable.If you need the chips,please Contact Us.

    T01C1 (6)

    Neutral Box Packing

    The packaging is in a high-end white neutral box,can effectively protect the ink cartridges from damage.The packing boxes can be customized,please feel free to contact us if you need customization.


    Product Advantages

    1.High-definition printing for long-term storage
    Ink output is smoother, printing is more stable, output is clearer;Massive printing, clear and sharp;Fully soluble ink, stable ink supply, long-term storage;Large-capacity design, increased printing volume, low printing cost, more economical
    2.Natural color reproduction, natural and delicate imaging
    The color is full and the details are presented; the three-dimensional sense is strong and the layers are rich
    3.Smart chip compatibility, strong installation and quick identification
    Stable ink control does not damage the printer
    4.Special ink to restore true color
    High-resolution full-dissolving ink printing details show one by one
    Resolution: 300DPI
    5.Multiple testing quality assurance environmental protection office printing is healthier
    Has passed the National Office Equipment and Consumables Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
    6.Rigorous craftsmanship, quality control, abide by quality, unique ingenuity

    Quality Guarantee

    As an expert in the field, Ocbestjet has our own laboratory to create and test products. To ensure product quality, we conduct a series of tests, including printing test, life test, low temperature and high temperature test, centrifuge test, aging test, etc.

    Packing And Shipping

    1. Sealed packaging
    Class A+fittings shall be tightly fitted without powder leakage
    Anti pressure and anti falling logistics transportation
    2. Express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS etc.);Air shipping;Sea shipping

    After Sale

    Office consumables are consumables, and if they are determined to be unusable due to product quality problems (not later artificially damaged), you can enjoy a 7-day return service. beg to be excused!
    1.The product chip is damaged or artificially damaged. Ink cartridge products self-refill
    2.Serious damage to the product housing.
    3.The ink content of the ink cartridge product is less than 50% (the ink content is judged according to the specific weight of the ink cartridge).
    4.Private modification of ink cartridge products (continuous injection,

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