Ocbestjet Factory S-7608 Master Roll For For Riso CZ-100 CZ-180 Printer

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Ocbestjet 27cm*100m Single Side S-7608 Master Roll Film For For Riso CZ-100 CZ-180 Printer

The For Risos-7608masterroll Is A Cutting-edge Printing Device That Ensures Superior Print Quality And Exceptional Performance. Designed For High-volume Printing, The For Risos-7608masterroll Boasts An Impressive Printing Speed Of Up To 200 Pages Per Minute. With Its Advanced Features, This Product Takes Printing To A Whole New Level Of Excellence.

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Product Benefits

1. High Quality Printing: The For Risos-7608masterroll Produces Images With Exceptional Clarity And Detail. It Is Ideal For Printing A Wide Range Of Documents Such As Posters, Brochures, Flyers, And More.

2. Speed And Efficiency: With Its Rapid Printing Speed, The For Risos-7608masterroll Can Print Up To 200 Pages Per Minute. This Translates To Faster Turnaround Times And Greater Productivity.

3. Cost-effectiveness: The For Risos-7608masterroll Is Highly Cost-effective, Reducing Printing Costs And Operational Expenses.

4. User-friendly: The Device Is Easy To Use, With A Simple Interface That Enables Users To Operate It With Ease.

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Product Usage

The For Risos-7608masterroll Is Perfect For Large-scale Printing Projects Such As Booklets, Brochures, And Posters. It Can Also Be Used For Printing Business Documents Such As Flyers, Memos, And Letters. The Device Is Versatile And Can Handle Different Types Of Paper Such As Bond, Coated, And Cardstock.


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The For Risos-7608masterroll Is An Innovative Printing Solution That Combines Speed, Efficiency, And High-quality Output. It Is Ideal For Businesses And Organizations That Require A Cost-effective, Reliable, And User-friendly Printing Solution.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Ocinkjet Printer Consumables Co., Ltd. mainly focus on DTF inks products, and also focus on toner cartridges, inks, ink cartridges, CISS, chips and decoders,They are 100% compatible with EPSON,CANON,HP,LEXMARK,BROTHER,XEROX,DELL printers etc. Besides, we also provide comprehensive OEM service in domestic and foreign markets, which enables us to be the strongest backup of our customers. Our customers enjoy genuine partnership in the pre-sales, sales and the post-sales services.We are looking forward to working with you.

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