DTF Ink-DTF Ink For Epson I3200

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1. can you use sublimation ink on dtf film

(1) No, DTF film can not be used on thermal sublimation ink. In fact, DTF film is a very special material, it can only be used on DTF ink, DTF film can be perfectly matched with DTF ink.

(2) Thermal sublimation ink technology is an emerging printing technology that can provide outstanding performance in terms of print quality. The image can be printed on thermal paper and then transferred, which can obtain a very high quality image. Wear and water resistance are also excellent.

(3) In short, DTF film is the ideal choice for DTF ink, which can bring broader commercial prospects to the printing industry. As more and more enterprises begin to apply DTF technology, DTF membrane will also be more recognized by the market.

2. how to do dtf with sublimation ink

(1) Sublimation ink is a high-quality printing ink, which can make the color of the print more bright and delicate, and the image more clear and full, but the DTF machine can only print DTF ink.

(2) First of all, the use of sublimation ink printing requires a certain technical operation, we need to carefully read the instructions, and the corresponding Settings, such as adjusting the temperature of the printer, the height of the nozzle, the tension of the printing material and so on. These operations require us to be careful, patient, serious, not impatient, careless, only in this way to ensure the quality and effect of printed matter.

(3) Secondly, the use of sublimation ink for printing requires attention to the selection of printing materials. Different materials have different ink absorption performance, thermal shrinkage and other characteristics, in the use of sublimation ink need to choose the appropriate material for printing, otherwise there will be poor color, image blur, and even heat transfer problems, affecting the quality and effect of printed matter.

(4) Finally, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of thermal sublimation ink. Thermal sublimation ink in the long-term use of the process will produce pollution, blockage and other problems, the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that the ink smooth, smooth nozzle, so as to ensure the quality and effect of the print.

3. is dtf ink the same as sublimation ink

DTF ink and thermal sublimation ink are different ink types, although they are both intended for digital printing.

DTF ink is a new type of digital printing ink, which is composed of black or colored pigments, resins and additives. DTF inks are characterized by high density, high color saturation, high stability and durability, and can be applied to a variety of printable materials, such as paper, cloth, plastics and metals.

The sublimation ink is mainly used for fabric printing, it is composed of dyes and additives, the use of the printer to print the image on a special heat transfer paper, and then through high temperature and high pressure to transfer the ink to the fabric. Thermal sublimation inks are also characterized by high density, high color saturation, and high stability.

In general, DTF ink and thermal sublimation ink have high-quality printing effects, but the application field and printing principle are different. We should actively study and explore their applications to contribute to the development of digital printing technology.

4. how long does dtf ink last

DTF ink is a new consumable of digital inkjet printing technology, which is widely used in T-shirt printing, advertising, home decoration and other fields. So, how long can DTF ink last?

In general, DTF ink can be stored for about a year. However, the preservation time is related to the environmental conditions of preservation, ink quality and other factors.

First of all, DTF ink should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment, so as not to affect the quality of the ink. Secondly, DTF ink should be mixed before use to ensure that the ink is evenly mixed before use to ensure the quality of printing.

In addition, in order to ensure the quality and stability of DTF ink, we should choose a DFT ink brand with a professional team and a perfect production process to avoid the use of low-quality ink, which will cause damage to the printer and printing effect.

In summary, DTF ink is stored for about a year, but when we use it, we should pay attention to the preservation of the environment and production brand selection to ensure the printing effect and use experience. Let’s save money and time as much as possible. The printing effect of DTF ink is very good, and the service life of the ink is also long. We should actively explore new printing technologies to add color to our lives.

Post time: Sep-04-2023