Mid-range Textile Ink

  • Price: $43.08 - 40
  • Brand Name: Ocinkjet
  • Product Name: Ocinkjet 1000ML Mid-range Textile Ink/Water Based Textile Pigment Ink For Screen Block Printing On Fabric
  • Color: WH
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     Brand Name  Ocinkjet
     Product Name  Ocinkjet 1000ML Mid-range Textile Ink/Water Based Textile Pigment Ink For Screen Block Printing On Fabric
     Color  WH
     Volume  1000ML/Bottle
     Certificate  Yes
     Feature  100% Safe, Environmental Protection, Without Any Harmful Substances
     Suitable Printer   For Epson R1800/R1900/R2000/R3000/



     Ink Type  The Ink Can Print Picture onto the Cotton Cloth Directly, Colorful Print-out Showing
     Warranty  1:1 Replace Defective Textile Ink
     Characteristic 1. Cotton textile ink used for clothing printing directly on cotton t-shirt and fabric

    2. High resistance to leaching and washing

    3. Waterproof ink to protect people and the environment.

    4. Reduced cleanliness requirements

    5. Extended print head life

    Product Features

    1.Fast Curing Speed
    2.Strong Adhesion
    3. Good Liquidity
    4. Good Debubbling
    5. Easy To Dye
    6. Non-toxic And Tasteless
    7. Good Heat And Weather Resistance


    In the field of digital printing, Ocinkjet has 10 years of experience in digital printing production and printing process research and development process, and our company has an industry-leading digital printing overall solution. High penetration, high precision, high color reproduction and excellent production stability can be achieved. You can consult us at any time, and we will guide you with professional knowledge free of charge.


    1. 12+ years manufacturer
    2. Economical and environmentally friendly
    3. High-tech content and efficient technicians
    4. 1:1 Replacement For Any Defective Caused By Our Factory

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    #Reflect the quality of goods from the side #

    #Choosing our products is wise and smart#

    Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Ocinkjet Printer Consumables Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that specializes in R&D, production, sales, and maintenance of compatible printing consumables. We have put in place cutting-edge production technology and management to provide premium, eco-friendly digital printing materials.

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