250ML UV Coating

  • Price: $ 5.23 - 4.85
  • Brand Name: Ocinkjet
  • Model Number: UV Ink Coating
  • Product Name: Ocinkjet 250ML/Bottle Universal UV Ink Coating/Uv Coating Raw Materials Paint Process Meaning In Printing
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    Brand Name Ocinkjet
    Model Number UV Ink Coating
    Product Name Ocinkjet 250ML/Bottle Universal UV Ink Coating/Uv Coating Raw Materials Paint Process Meaning In Printing
    Volume 250ML/Bottle
    Quality 100% Testing Before Send Out
    Suit Printer For Epson DX5 DX7 XP600 TX800 Printers For DTF Printer
    Certificate Yes
    Color Colorless
    Warranty 1:1 Replace Any Defective Solvent Cleaning Liquid
    Ink Type UV Ink

    Instructions For Use

    1. The formulations required for the coating have a fixed proportion and stirring skills, which must be carried out in accordance with the instructions;
    2. Once it is found that the coating has a chemical reaction such as dissolution and foaming with the UV ink, it is necessary to replace the coating with better compatibility;
    3. The irritating odor of the coating is generally relatively large, and masks and disposable gloves can be matched during the operation;
    4. The types of coatings corresponding to different materials are also different. Do not use one coating to match other materials.

    Preservation Of The Coating

    1. Place in a cool and ventilated place with backlight;
    2. After use, the bottle cap should be tightened in time;
    3. Do not press other materials on it;
    4. Do not put the coating liquid on the ground, but choose the shelf.


    1. 12+ years manufacturer
    2. Economical and environmentally friendly
    3. High-tech content and efficient technicians
    4. 1:1 Replacement For Any Defective Caused By Our Factory

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    Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Ocinkjet Printer Consumables Co., Ltd. mainly focus on DTF inks products, and also focus on toner cartridges, inks, ink cartridges, CISS, chips and decoders,They are 100% compatible with EPSON,CANON,HP,LEXMARK,BROTHER,XEROX,DELL printers etc. Besides, we also provide comprehensive OEM service in domestic and foreign markets, which enables us to be the strongest backup of our customers. Our customers enjoy genuine partnership in the pre-sales, sales and the post-sales services.We are looking forward to working with you.

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