Dtf-ink 1000ML 500ML DTG Ink Textile InK Garment Ink For Ricoh Gen3 Gen4 Gen5 Gen6 GH2220 Ri3000 Ri6000 Ri100 Ri1000 MH5320 MH5340 MH5420

  • Price: $33.85 - 30.77
  • Brand Name: Ocinkjet
  • Product Name : Ocinkjet 1000ML Universal Textile Ink DTG Ink For Panasonic Printhead/Water Based Silk Screen Fabric Pigment Textile Block Printing Inks For Textile Printing
  • Ink Type: Textile Ink, Textile Pigment Ink, Digital InkThe ink can print picture onto the cotton cloth directly, colorful print-out showing
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    Specially developed for industrial DTG, Screen Digital Hybrid printers for Ricoh printheads, our DTG ink offer outstanding print performance in the industrial environment.

    These inks offer High Color Saturation, have excellent Wash & Rub Fastness properties.

    The inks are suitable with wide range of knitted & woven Cotton, Polyester Cotton, Viscose, Jute fabrics.

    Product Instruction

    Product Name: Textile Ink,DTG Ink,Garment Ink

    Ink Type : Direct to Garment Ink

    Suitable Brand : For Ricoh Printheads

    Ink Colors: BK / C / M / Y / White / Red / Green

    Other Liquid: Pretreatment / Cleaning Solution

    Shelf Life:

    BK/C/M/Y - 12 months

    White - 10 months

    Pretreatment - 24months

    Cleaning Solution - 24months

    Applicable Materials: Mouse pad,Leather,Shopping bag,T-shirt,Caps,Pillows,Canvas

    Compatible Printheads

    For Ricoh Gen3

    For Ricoh Gen4

    For Ricoh Gen4L

    For Ricoh Gen5

    For Ricoh Gen5S

    For Ricoh Gen6

    For Ricoh GH2220

    For Ricoh MH5320

    For Ricoh MH5340

    For Ricoh MH5420

    For Ricoh MH5421

    For Ricoh MH5440

    For Ricoh MH5441

    For Ricoh Ri3000

    For Ricoh Ri6000

    For Ricoh Ri100

    For Ricoh Ri1000

    Available Colors

    Ink Capacity: 1000 ml/bottle,500 ml/bottle


    Product Details

    With sealing film sealing, prevent ink leakage.

    3 (1)

    Application Method


    Application Materials:

    Digtial textile printing for cotton,canvas,blended fabrics.

    Personaliezed applications:T-shirt,hang tag,hang bag,silk,wool,cashmere,nylon,scarves,bed sheet,curtains,household products etc.


    Real Printed Effect


    Do More with DTG Printing

    Let technology take the place of costly labour and lengthy skills training. With DTG printing, a single person can take an order, print the items and prep everything for delivery before quickly moving on to the next job.

    * Unlimited colour options and design reproduction

    * Efficient short runs and one offs

    * Quick and easy reprints

    * Faster output and response to market trends

    * Seamless printing over zippers and other difficult garments

    * Reduced labour and training requirements

    * Easier set up and smaller space requirements

    Washes Better

    Ocbesjet's inks are built with washability in mind our inks simply stand up to more washes and retain their brightness after the wash which results in less waste and keeps your customers coming back time and time again.


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