Pigment-based Refill Ink for Canon

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Delivery time: within 2 days (bulk order)
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 (pc/pack)
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    Compatible for Canon series:

    • Pro 2000
    • Pro 4000
    • Pro 6000
    • Pro 6100

    Ink types:

    • 1000ml pigment-based Gray ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Red ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Blue ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Cyan ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Yellow ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Magenta ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Photo Cyan ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Photo Black ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Photo Gray ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Photo Magenta ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Matte Black ink
    • 1000ml pigment-based Chroma Optimize ink


    The printing ink creates a colorful palette, reminiscent of a painter’s canvas, with delicate and soft hues. Printing is seamless and fluid, with no lagging, ensuring clear and smooth lines of text. The print head remains unobstructed, ensuring long-lasting clarity and bringing every page to life.

    Ink for Pro 2000 Pigment ink for canon Refill ink for Canon Yellow refill Ink



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    Our company specializes in manufacturing printing consumables, equipped with advanced production facilities and a skilled technical team. From ink to printing paper, we prioritize delivering high-quality, dependable products to our customers. Continuous innovation and optimization are our guiding principles, ensuring we meet the evolving demands of the market.



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    Our company team is dynamic and creative, bringing together professionals from various fields. Team members work closely, supporting each other in the pursuit of excellence. With a spirit of cooperation, innovation, and dedication, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the highest quality services and products.


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