What to Do When Your Color Ink Cartridge Overflows

My home printer and ink cartridges have been in use for two years. Two weeks ago, I added ink and tried to print a document, but the text was unreadable, and the lines were blurred, almost like printing on blank paper. When I removed the cartridge, ink started leaking from the seam underneath, and even flowed out from the inking hole when I shook it. Is this a problem with the cartridge? I’m planning to buy a new cartridge. What should I pay attention to?

It’s possible that the cartridge was damaged during refilling. Replacing it with a new one should solve the problem. However, in the future, be careful when adding ink to avoid piercing too deeply, as this can damage the filter layer inside the cartridge.

When adding ink, only add a few milliliters at a time. Overfilling can cause leaks. Here’s what you should do:

1. Place a pad of paper under the cartridge to absorb any excess ink.
2. Let the ink soak into the paper until the cartridge stops leaking.
3. Once the cartridge is no longer leaking, clean it thoroughly before reinstalling it into the printer.

Additionally, be aware that the cartridge chip estimates the amount of ink inside. Each cleaning or print cycle reduces this estimate. When the chip’s count reaches zero, the printer will report a lack of ink and may stop working, even if there is still ink in the cartridge. To reset the chip, you may need special software, which can be difficult to find.

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Post time: Jun-11-2024