Printer Cannot Be Shared Due to Incorrect Name

In a company’s local area network (LAN), a Cannon laser printer is connected to one computer and is set up to be shared with other computers on the network under the share name “Cannon.” Suddenly, one day, network printing ceases to function, although the printer continues to work locally without issue. On remote computers, the printer icon appears grayed out, and its status is perpetually “offline.”

The computer directly connected to the printer can print without problems, indicating that there is no hardware failure with the printer itself. Additionally, when viewing the shared resources and printers via the “Network Neighborhood” on other computers, they are displayed correctly, suggesting that network communication is functioning normally.

Suspecting that the print port might be the issue, the network print port was added in the printer properties. The new port was added successfully and was identical to the original, yet network printing remained inoperable. Upon carefully inspecting the printer’s information in the “Network Neighborhood,” it was discovered that the printer’s name was not “Cannon” but rather “Cannon ” with an extra space at the end. Removing this space restored normal printing functionality.

From this experience, it can be concluded that while printer and file names can inadvertently include a space at the end, when adding a network printing port, the computer interprets the space at the end of the name as an invalid character and discards it, leading to a mismatch in the actual printer name and consequently, a failure to print.

Post time: May-28-2024