How to unset printer cartridge recognition

To unset printer cartridge recognition, follow these steps:


For HP M1210 Printer:

Access the printer properties from your device settings.
In the printer properties, navigate to the device properties section.
Locate the option related to cartridge detection.
Select “Never” to disable cartridge detection.
Once selected, the dialog box prompting about cartridge usage will no longer appear.


For Canon G3800:

Open the Control Panel and navigate to Printers and Faxes.
Locate and select your Canon printer.
Right-click to access the printer properties menu.
Go to the Maintenance tab and find the Options section.
Select “Ink Cartridge Settings.”
Set the option to “Not Detecting Ink Cartridges.”
Save your changes.
With these adjustments, the printer will no longer detect cartridge usage, providing a smoother printing experience.





Post time: May-20-2024