Heat Transfer Paper Usage Steps

1. Place the heat transfer paper on the heat transfer machine.
2. Set the machine’s temperature between 350 and 375 Kelvin, and wait for it to reach the set temperature.
3. Operate the machine, select the pattern to be printed, and click “OK”.
4. Ensure the printed pattern on the heat transfer paper is completely dry. Trim along the edges of the pattern to remove any excess.
5. Holding the heat transfer paper by the blue grid edge, slightly stretch the paper from any corner to unfold it easily.
6. Peel off a triangle from the heat transfer paper.
7. Carefully peel off the heat transfer paper from the blue grid backing.
8. Place the patterned side of the heat transfer paper onto the garment’s designated area, ensuring it is flat and smooth.
9. Operate the machine to start the transfer process.
10. Heat for 15-30 seconds. Once the transfer paper has cooled to room temperature, peel it off from any corner in the opposite direction.

- Ensure the heat transfer machine is properly calibrated for the type of heat transfer paper being used.
- Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.
- Handle heat transfer paper with care, as it can become very hot during the transfer process.

Post time: Jun-18-2024