Ink Print Cartridges Compatible for HP 727 series

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Delivery time: within 2 days (bulk order)
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 (pc/pack)
  • Chip: With 1 chip
  • Parameters : Can be modified
  • Spcifics: Recognizable
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Compatible For Printer List:

    • HP T920
      HP T1500
      HP T2500
      HP T930
      HP T1530
      HP T2530


    Compatible for Ink cartridge types:

    • HP727 B3P23A(PHK) 130ML Filled with dye ink
      HP727 B3P19A(C) 130ML Filled with dye ink
      HP727 B3P20A(M) 130ML Filled with dye ink
      HP727 B3P21A(Y) 130ML Filled with dye ink
      HP727 B3P24A(GY) 130ML Filled with dye ink
      HP727 B3P22A(MBK) 130ML Filled with pigment ink
      HP727 C1Q12A(MBK) 300ML Filled with pigment ink
      HP727 P9J79A(PHK) 300ml Filled with dye ink
      HP727 P9J76A(C) 300ml Filled with dye ink
      HP727 P9J77A(M) 300ml Filled with dye ink
      HP727 P9J78A(Y) 300ml Filled with dye ink
      HP727 P9J80A(GY) 300ml Filled with dye ink


    Brand Name Ocinkjet
    Ink Type Dye/Pigment ink 
    Chip 1 import chip
    Specifis  Recognizable for set
    Delivery 24 hours
    Warranty Repalce/refund
    Quality Grade-A   
    Packing Neutral Packaging

    Products detail:
    This ink cartridge boasts flexible and definable parameters, ensuring it fully meets your printing requirements. Employing high-quality ink and cutting-edge technology, it delivers clear, sharp text and vibrant, colorful images, offering print quality on par with original cartridges. We maintain a commitment to cost-effectiveness, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality printing experience at a lower price—a smart choice indeed!

    Black Ink cartridge Ink cartridge for 727 Ink cartridge For hp For hp 727

    Company infos:
    Our company specializes in producing a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective ink cartridges. We offer compatible options for all major printer brands and models, ensuring we have the perfect solution for your printing needs. By using premium inks and advanced manufacturing processes, we guarantee crisp, vibrant prints with lasting brilliance. Experience exceptional quality without overspending – choose our affordable ink cartridges and rediscover the joy of printing!.



    We offer a comprehensive service for your ink cartridges, encompassing everything from meticulous packaging to secure delivery. Each product is inspected thoroughly to guarantee flawless quality before being protected with robust packaging materials to prevent damage during transit. Through partnerships with reputable logistics companies, we ensure your orders are delivered swiftly and securely, enabling you to receive your preferred ink cartridges without leaving home. This way, you can enjoy a quality printing experience with ease.


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