EcoTank Sublimation Ink For Epson Printers

Take advantage of our Premium Dye Sublimation Ink for Epson printers.Features high color saturation and low vapor emission at competitive prices.

Our high viscosity wide gamut ink produces brilliant colors, and its low sedimentation rate prevents nozzle clogging, achieving excellent print results.

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Product Name : Sublimation Ink,Heat Transfer Ink

Item Name : EcoTank Sublimation Ink

Ink Type : Water Based Sublimation Ink

Ink Code : 011 / 012 / 013 / 014 / 114 / 115 / 552

Color : PB / BK / C / M / Y / GY

Bottle Volume : 85 ml/bottle, 135ml/bottle

Shelf Life : 18 Months

Smell : No odor,harmless to human body

Feature : Harmless,Super Adhesion,Beautiful Glossy

Available Colors


Product Details

Double cap design, sealing film sealing, prevent ink leakage, perfect match Printer 


Sublimation Process For T-Shirt:


Please Note:You can use with the sublimation coating depending on your needs.

Applicable Material

Cotton Fabric,Polyester Fabic,Fleece,Shopping Bag,Pillow,T-shirt,Canva,Caps;

Mug,Ceramic tile,Phone case,Wood,Stone,Glass,Crystal,Acrylic,PVC,Leather,Metal,Stainless steel,Aluminium alloy,Plastic


Core Benefits of Sublimation Ink

- Excellent fluency,no clogging,no oblique spray,superior print quality and stability at high speed mode.

- Strict quality control measurement to ensure that the ink has excellent stability.

- Raw materials improted from Europe,non-toxic,environmentally friendly,bright colors,wide gamut and good transfer.

- Perfect light fastness and washing fastness,no changing colors or fading,dry and wet rubbing fastness up to Grade 4-5.


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