Printer Ink Cartridges for Riso s-7281 GD series

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Delivery time: within 2 days (bulk order)
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 (pc/pack)
  • Compatibility: Compatible
  • :
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Compatible For Printer List:

    • For Comcolor GD9630
      For Comcolor GD9631
      For Comcolor GD7330


    Compatible for cartridges types:

    • Riso S-7281 Ink cartridge C
      Riso S-7282 Ink cartridge M
      Riso S-7283 Ink cartridge Y
      Riso S-7284 Ink cartridge GY
      Riso S-7313 Ink cartridge Red

    Volume type:

    • 1000ML / 1L   (K C M Y GY RED)
    Brand Name Ocinkjet
    Feature High yield
    Application Riso
    Specifis  Eco-friend
    Delivery 24 hours
    Warranty Repalce/refund
    Quality Grade-A   
    Packing Neutral Packaging


    Products detail:
    Excellent Compatibility and Adaptability: RISO ink cartridges are renowned for their excellent compatibility and ability to adapt to a wide range of printers, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

    Consistent Print Quality and Advanced Technology: By utilizing advanced technology, RISO ink cartridges maintain consistent print quality and deliver excellent results, providing you with a reliable and efficient printing experience.

    Outstanding Color Reproduction: RISO ink cartridges boast superior color reproduction capabilities, giving your images and text vivid, saturated hues that make them stand out.

    Top-Notch Printing Results: The Ideal Cartridge’s printing results are unparalleled. High-quality ink ensures clear, sharp text and images, while fast printing speeds cater to your efficient printing needs. Additionally, the long ink life helps you save on printing costs.

    Trustworthy and Recommended: In summary, RISO ink cartridges offer excellent compatibility, outstanding printing results, and significant cost savings, making them a worthy choice for your printing needs.
    GD9630 GD9631 Ink cartridge Ink Cartridges for Riso Riso Ink Cartridges

    Company infos:

    Our company manufactures a number of different ink cartridges including laser cartridges, inkjet cartridges and thermal melt cartridges. Our products are widely compatible and can be adapted to a wide range of printers. We use advanced technology and materials to ensure that each cartridge provides excellent printing results and a long lifespan. Our cartridges are affordable and perfect for home and office use…!.




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