Ink Cartridges for large format printer Designjet Z3100 Z3200

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Delivery time: within 2 days (bulk order)
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 (pc/pack)
  • Chip: With 1 stable chip
  • Feature: Recognizable/compatible
  • Function: Refillable
  • Specific: NON LEAK NON ERROR
  • Ink: Pigment
  • Ink type: Water based ink
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Applicable For printer List:

    • HP Designjet Z3100
      HP Designjet Z3200


    Compatible for HP 72 Ink cartridge types:

    •  C9449A (PHK)
       C9452A (C)
       C9453A (M)
       C9454A (Y)
       C9390A (LC)
       C9455A (LM)
       C9450A (GY)
       C9451A (LGY)
       C9448A (MK)
       9457A (G)
       9458A (B)
       9450A (GY)
       9456A (R)
       9459A (GE)

    Volume type: 

    130ML filled with pigment ink



    Brand Name    Ocinkjet
    Delivery  Quality approved within 24 hours  
    Specifis  Detectable
    Chip   One stable chip
    Print   Vibrant print
    Warranty  Replace/refund    
    Quality  Grade-A
    Packing  Neutral Packaging         


    • Product details :

    This refill cartridge is excellent quality and extremely durable, making it ideal for your long-term use. It uses advanced technology to ensure stable inkjet, high clarity, full vibrant colors and good compatibility. At the same time, the cartridge is guarded and designed to prevent ink leakage and protect your printing equipment and the surrounding environment. What’s more, it has a long lifespan and saves you a lot of replacement cost and time compared to ordinary ink cartridges, making it the best solution for efficiency, economy and environmental protection. Choose this refill cartridge to make your printing process smoother, more reliable and worry-free….

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    • Company Informations :

    Our company specializes in the production of high quality ink cartridges compatible with HP, which are loved by our customers for their excellent performance and stable quality. Our cartridges are not only affordable, but also rigorously tested to ensure perfect compatibility with HP printers and printing results comparable to the original products. Both home users and commercial customers have praised our products. Choosing us is choosing reliability and efficiency….


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