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DTF inks for universal inkjet printers

  • Material Eco-friendly
  • Supply ability 10000 bottles/month
  • Use Widely used in DTF inkjet printer
  • Grade High-end ink
  • Feature VIvid color
  • Type Water based ink
  • Ingredient Well-dispersed

Applicable For Printer types:

  • Epson p600
  • Epson Xp60P
  • Epson Sts724
  • Epson M268
  • Epson 7900
  • Epson L1800
  • Epson P800
  • Epson DX5
  • Epson 4720
  • DTF Film Printer


Volume types: 

  •  100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml (C,M,Y,BK,WH)


Item Pictures:

dtf ink for epson.jpgBlack dtf ink.jpgdtf inks for inkjet printer.jpgdtf inks.jpgdtf.jpg


This DTF ink is more environmentally friendly and user-friendly, designed to meet modern printing needs. It offers excellent print quality, delivering vibrant colors and clear details. Thanks to its advanced formula, the ink dries very quickly, significantly reducing waiting time and improving work efficiency. Additionally, the ink excels in color accuracy, ensuring that the colors and details of the original are reproduced true to life every time you print. By choosing our ink products, you not only achieve high-quality printing results but also contribute positively to the environment..


DTF Inks require special attention during use and storage to protect against moisture, attention to proper temperatures, freezing, breakage as well as prevention of accidental ingestion and contact with eyes and other. First of all, the ink should be stored in a dry, cool environment to avoid moisture that could cause the ink to deteriorate or clog the print head. Meanwhile, the ink should be avoided to be stored in low temperature environment to prevent freezing affecting its performance. During transportation and use, make sure the ink bottle or cartridge is intact to avoid leakage or contamination due to breakage.

To ensure safety, the ink must be kept away from children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion. If accidentally ingested, please seek medical attention immediately. In addition, the ink must not come into contact with eyes and other parts of the body and seek medical help. Be sure to use and store the ink properly according to product instructions to ensure optimal performance and safety. We are committed to providing high-quality ink products and hope that users will pay attention to safety during use to ensure printing results and personal safety.