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DTF Inks for Multiple Inkjet printers

100ml /250ml /500ml /1000ml Direct to film ink

  • Bulk order price $2.3
  • Print quality Vibrant output
  • Delivery 24 hours before QC approved
  • Quality Grade A+
  • Pack Bottle/Film/Carton
  • Warranty 2 years for any Replace/refund
  • Label/Logo Can be customized

Applicable For Printer types:

  • Epson SureColor P-Series (400, 600, 800)
    Epson SureColor F170 DTF Printer
    Canon IMAGERunner Advance Series
    HP Latex 315 Printer
    HP DesignJet T-Series
    Roland TrueVIS
    Roland DG TrueVIS VG2-540 Printer
    Mutoh ValueJet 1638UH Printer
    Inkjet Printers
    Dye-Sublimation Printers
    Laser Printers


Compatible for printhead types: 

  • Epson I3200, DX4, DX5, DX7
    Ricoh Gen5
    Kyocera Printheads


Suitable for print media:

  • Polyester Fabrics: DTF inks work well with polyester fabrics, as this material is usually able to accept ink and image transfer at high temperatures.
  • Polyester Film: Similar to polyester fabrics, polyester film is a common material for DTF inks and is suitable for a wide range of logos and graphics.
  • Artificial and synthetic leathers: These materials are also suitable for DTF printing as they accept ink and image transfer well during the hot press process.
  • Certain types of paper and card stock: Certain types of paper and card stock can also be printed with DTF inks, especially for applications that require heat pressing in a subsequent process.


Item Pictures:

100ml DTF inks.jpg250ml DTF ink.jpg500ml Direct to film ink.jpg1000ml direct to film inks.jpg


This DTF printer ink utilizes an advanced formula that ensures a smooth flow and resists line breaks, resulting in prints that are consistently clear and realistic. The colors are not only long-lasting and vivid but also resistant to fading over time, allowing your works to be presented perfectly. Additionally, we've incorporated super filtering technology to guarantee that the ink is free of impurities, completely eliminating the hassle of clogged print heads and prolonging the printer's lifespan. Our selection of more environmentally friendly materials means safety and odorlessness, creating a more comfortable and healthy printing environment for you and your family. Choosing this ink means opting for an exceptional printing experience and showing care for your equipment.



Before using this DTF ink, we kindly ask you to contact us to confirm its compatibility with your specific printer or print head. It's important to remember that this ink is designed for printing purposes only and should not be ingested. Always keep the ink out of reach of children, pets, and any individuals who should not have access to it. Prior to each use, give the ink bottle a gentle shake to ensure the ink is well-mixed. When the ink is not in use, remember to seal the bottle tightly and store it in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight to preserve its quality. Adhering to these straightforward storage and usage guidelines will help maintain optimal print quality and extend the life of your ink.