About Us



Ocinkjet Printer Consumables Co., Ltd. is a high technology company specialized in the R&D, production, sales and service of compatible printing consumables. We have introduced advanced production technology and management to provide quality and environment-friendly digital printing consumables. Currently, our products include toner cartridges, ink, ink cartridges, CISS, chips and decoders. They are 100% compatible with EPSON, CANON, HP, LEXMARK, BROTHER, XEROX, DELL printers etc. Besides, we also provide comprehensive OEM service with our brand in domestic and foreign markets, which enables us to be the strongest backup of our customers. Our customers enjoy genuine partnership in the pre-sales, sales and the post-sales services. In the spirit of "Quality for market share and reputation for development", we are committed to insisting on the philosophy of "pragmatism, innovation, integrity and communication". "Forging ahead and advancing with the times" is the core to our development. We are looking forward to working with you.


● The Predecessor of Ocinkjet is Ocink-2000.
● This Brand Was Established in 2000.
● It Has Been Committed to Ink Production And
● Offline Sales in Physical Stores.
● Until 2017, It Officially Began to Enter Alibaba For
● Online Sales and Achieved Four
● Stars in Three Years.for High-level
● Stores,alibaba's Online Transaction Amount
● Is 180,000 U.s. Doll Ars
● Recently (90 Days), and the New Young Team-is
● Still Moving Towards a Higher Goal.



Factory Scale

Above 100,000 Square Meters

Ability To Sell

Online Transaction Amount is 180,000 U.S. Doll Ars Recently (90 Days)

Export Capacity

10.0%North America 8.0%South America 5.0%Eastern Europe 25.0%Southeast Asia 8.0%Africa8.0%Eastern Asia 10.0%Western Europe etc. 

Scope of Business

Currently, Our Products Include Toner Cartridges, Ink, Ink Cartridges, CISS, Chips And Decoders. They Are 100% Compatible with EPSON, CANON, HP, LEXMARK, BROTHER, XEROX, DELL Printers etc. 

Service Philosophy

In The Spirit Of "quality For Market Share And Reputation For Development", we Are Committed To Insisting On The Philosophy Of "pragmatism, Innovation, Integrity And Communication". "Forging Ahead And Advancing With The Times" Is The Core To Our Development.


High quality ink products

We use selected raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that our ink provides lasting color. Whether indoors or outdoors, our inks maintain vibrant colors and don't fade easily. In addition, our inks have good fluidity and adhesion, can be smoothly coated on the surface of the material, and maintain long-term adhesion.

Multi-material Applicability

Our ink is suitable for a variety of different materials, such as paper, plastic, metal, glass and so on. Whether you need to print packaging boxes, plastic bottles, metal containers or glass containers, we can provide you with high-quality inks for the appropriate material.


Our ink has excellent durability, can maintain the stability of color and quality in harsh environments. Whether exposed to sun exposure, heat, humidity or other extreme conditions, our inks maintain their excellent performance.

Why We Can Guarantee The Quality Of Our Products

Good Design Ability

An excellent factory should have good product design ability, including the appearance design and structural design of ink cartridges and printer consumables. The factory should be able to design products that meet the needs of the market, with ease of use, reliability and performance in mind.

High-quality Material Selection

Factories should choose high-quality materials that meet international standards to manufacture ink cartridges and printer supplies. These materials should be durable, safe and not negatively affect the printing equipment and print quality. By selecting the right materials, factories can ensure the stability and reliability of their products.

Advanced Production Process

The factory needs to have advanced production process and equipment to ensure that the manufacturing process of the product can meet high quality standards. Advanced production processes can improve production efficiency and ensure product consistency and quality stability. The factory should implement strict quality control procedures, including raw material inspection, production process monitoring and final product quality inspection.

Research And Development Capability

New material development

We continue to actively explore and develop new materials to respond to the changing needs of customers. We work with partners, research institutions and industry experts to continuously research and innovate to deliver ink products with higher quality and performance. We are committed to providing our customers with superior printing results and durability through quality raw materials and formulations.

Technological innovation

We focus on technological innovation, and constantly improve and introduce new production technology and equipment. We monitor industry trends and keep a close eye on emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and sustainable printing. Through these innovations, we are able to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly ink products to meet the needs of our customers.

Continuous improvement and quality control

We are committed to continuous improvement and quality control to ensure that our products always maintain excellent quality. We strictly implement the quality management system and utilize advanced quality control equipment and technology to ensure that each batch of products meets the requirements and expectations of our customers.


Low VOC ink

Our ink is formulated with low volatile organic compounds (VOC). This means that our inks release fewer harmful gases during the printing process, helping to improve indoor air quality and protect the health of workers and users.

Energy conservation and emission reduction measures

We take a variety of measures to save energy and reduce emissions. We have optimized our production processes to make energy use more efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide. We also use energy efficient equipment and efficient lighting systems to reduce energy consumption.s.

Waste management

We attach importance to the treatment and management of waste. With an efficient waste ink recovery and recycling system, we minimize waste generation. We are also actively involved in recycling programs so that more waste is properly treated and reused.

Environmental certification and standards

We comply with the relevant environmental regulations and standards, and hold the corresponding environmental certification. These certifications demonstrate that we have taken effective steps in environmental management to ensure that our products and processes have minimal impact on the environment.